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DMX Relay LC-08

The product LC-08 DMX-Relay which takes in a standard DMX 512 input , Drives upto 8 x 10A relays to control a variety of devices (ie: curtains, lights, theatre props and other 230V operating power devices). The device can be casscaded to form a large system of up to 512 relays.

It would be an ideal application where DMX protocol is used to control timed switching of lighting. A simple example would be the control of Garden and pathway Lighting, swimming pool and location lighting and area lighting which found in large theme park to small condominium estates.

Some applications in the area of theatre and events would be the switching of disco balls and prop equipment.

The heart of the system is an embedded processor, which accepts DMX input and translates that into an analogue signal to the output relays.


• fully compatible with DMX protocol
• 8 x10A relays
• scalable up to 512 relays
• fully encapsulated
• no complicated setup needed
• selectable DMX addressing