Light Processor DMX Splitter

LightProcessor Buffers are designed to protect against DMX line faults, incorrect connections and earth loops. Additionally they offer a means of Y-splitting a DMX signal and boosting
DMX signals in very long cable runs. Incoming DMX signals are split, buffered, isolated and boosted to four 1kV opto-isolated output channels. Note that some competing products
are equipped with only one optoisolator, so that if the Buffer is called upon to operate, all downstream products will lose data. Since the LightProcessor Buffers have four separate,
opto-isolated output channels, only products attached to the affected channel will lose data – clearly a major benefit! Each output channel is fitted with a red and a green LED.

These visual indicators mimic the activity of the data true and data invert DMX lines and flash rapidly during normal operation. Absence of this flashing in one LED indicates a fault on that line. No flashing of either LED gives a clue to the absence of DMX.

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