SA Dimmer

Zerowire CRMX

Wireless DMX, RDM and Ethernet distribution

CRMX which stands for Cognitive Radio Multiplexer, Wireless DMX/RDM  by Cooper Controls is based of the first automated and adaptive technology specifically developed for the lighting industry. CRMX wireless transmissions optimize the use of available frequencies providing the most reliable DMX solution. This fully automated feature offers unrivalled convenience and peace of mind during operation. The product offers this innovation in a rugged enclosure designed to meet the demand and requirement of the industry.

Wireless DMX distribution systems operate on the same license free frequencies as W-Lan, ZigBee, Bluetooth, some wireless intercoms, etc. Interference between such systems has been a growing problem in the industry with no available solution. CRMX is the first system to continuously scan the radio spectrum and dynamically adapt its frequency hopping patterns. This eliminates interference and maximizes performance of all radio systems in the same radio frequency sphere. In short, it's a smart radio that adapts.

DMX/RDM fidelity and error correction ensures that DMX/RDM frames retain the exact same content and properties, including timing parameters, throughout the transmission process. Synchronization guarantees that the DMX frames are delivered by all receivers at exactly the same time regardless of their location and the presence of other systems.

Zerowire CRMX

• Automated Cognitive Coexistence
• Fidelity
• Error Correction
• Compliance
• Synchronization
• Latency
• Ethernet support
• Ease of use
• Ease of mounting
• Security
• Legacy support
• Upgradeable