Spice 1210

The Spice 1210 is a tough, 19”, 3U rack mounting dimmer designed to offer a professional range of features while offering Zero 88’s standard ease of use, reliability and affordability. It is supplied with either Harting or Socapex connectors and a mains incoming cable with CEE17 32A connector.

The Spice dimmer provides superb mains supply tolerance and protection, helping it to withstand common mains faults and continually reporting its condition. Connection faults and over-voltage conditions are all handled by the Spice’s control software. Advanced features such as supply reporting make the Spice an extremely capable unit.

The Spice dimmer shares its heritage with Zero 88’s superb Chilli dimmer range, providing compatibility with the extensive range of ChilliNet units. As part of a ChilliNet system, the Spice will work as an architectural dimmer and will provide remote monitoring information via the ChilliNet Master Controller.

Spice 1210 Features

Number of Channels: 12
Channel Capacity: 0.1Amin/10A max
Total Dimmer Capacity: 120 A (40A per phase, limited to 32A per phase by mains connector)
Dimmer Duty Cycle: 100%
Dimmer Curves: Normal, Linear, Switch or Square
Memories: 12
Sequences: 3
Areas/zones: 10
Programable Channel Attributes: Topset per channel
DMX address per channel or as a block (12 channels)
Preheat per channel (0 – 20%)
Dimmer lock out function
Supply Voltage: 190-255V
Operates on single phase or 3 Phase Star
Voltage and Frequency displays:
Supply Frequency: 45 to 70Hz auto-sensing and auto- tracking    
Phase Control Rise Time: 80mS
Control Input: USITT DMX512-A In and through via 5pin XLR connectors, with selectable DMX termination
Channel Outlets: Can be supplied as either 2 x Socapex or 2 x Harting Connectors
Power Connection: Supplied with 1.2m of 5 core 6mm2 H07RN-F cable terminating in a three-phase (5 pin) CEE17 32A connector
Channel Protection: 10A neutral disconnect thermal magnetic circuit breaker per channel, breaking capacity 6000A
Dimmer Protection: Hardware protected 440V Phase to Neutral, software overvoltage protection of outputs
Resettable transfomer fuses
In three phase use, continued operation during loss of one phase
Cooling: Dual fan cooled. Fan under user control with temperature monitoring
Dimensions: 132mm (H) x 482mm (W) x 420mm (D)
Weight: 14.5Kg (32lb)
Operating Temperature : +5oC to +40oC
Humidity : 5% to 95% Non condensing