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PLCYC is about to go into production. We will be offering a special package price for it. Be amazed, come witness for yourself the breathtaking colour mixing and blending capabilities of the PLCYC. Please speak to us about this offer.

LED washes that are currently available had not been able to provide a smooth and even distribution of light on the cyclorama screen. The true LED cyc has come into the market to finally replace the energy guzzling cycloramas that has been around for nearly 50 years. The new PLCYC, with its specially designed reflector is custom built for the one purpose; replacing the cyclorama. This the PLCYC had achieved with great success.

This new PLCYC will create an effective return on investment, The many manhours spent on changing Gel filters and lamps are no longer needed. Large savings on power bills are now also possible since the PLCYC does not get very hot while doing its job.