The Wing LED Wall Washer

The Wing LED Wall Washer delivers a homogenous, glare-free beam which will evenly light walls of 3m+ high with no UV or Infrared radiation to cause damage to precious artworks or exhibits. A discreet luminaire with precision pan/tilt adjustments and reference scale the Wing LED also offers lighting designers superior beam shaping and effective masking using the barndoor accessory


Wing Warm White LED Wall Washer = Philips Selecon LED Engine 2000/830.
Lifetime 70% lm (hrs) 50,000. 69lm/watt.

Dimming: EITHER individual local touch switch (cycle up/down) OR Dali.

Requires 'clean' undimmed mains supply.

NB: It is NOT possible to have Dali controlled luminaires with local dimming control