PL 3

Clean white light and a broad range of colours

The PL3 LED Luminaire delivers clean, colour balanced whites for stage, television and film production along with a range of beautiful colours including subtle tints perfect for any entertainment application guaranteed to delight and meet the needs of lighting directors and designers everywhere. The long life of the LED engines reduces maintenance cost dramatically and when combined with the energy savings they deliver you will quickly see the total cost of ownership benefits.

This powerful variable beam (15°–55°) wash luminaire delivers light levels in 'warm tungsten white' similar to that of a 1.2kW Fresnel and at higher colour temperatures considerably more, all with a power consumption of only 400 watts.

Motorised beam control speeds up focus sessions with the convenience of remote control from the console.

From subtle tints to strident saturated colours the colour mixing capability of the PL3 LED is complemented by three 'white' presets (Warm White, Cool White, Daylight) to assist with matching to existing light sources.

Convenient control
There is a convenient control solution available for wherever you decide to use your PL3 luminaires:

A cost effective solution for difficult to access positions!

Add a pan / tilt motor kit for an affordable, remotely controlled, re-positionable luminaire with position; beam angle; colour and intensity control literally at your finger tips with unprecedented life from our LED light engine rated at 25,000hrs!

Ideal for multi purpose venues such as Town Halls which often have have no technical staff to make the necessary adjustment to the lighting; as well as for studios, concert stages and other venues where time pressure dictates remote refocusing.