S1. If there is no DMX signal to Dimmers or Lighting Fixture

  1. Is the DMX connector inserted onto the board?
  2. Is it the correct DMX connector or Artnet Port RJ45, it might be in the wrong input DMX A or DMX B.
  3. Check the DMX connector , is any of the wires disconnected
  4. Check the cable, Is it damaged? Do you have connection to the Dimmer?
  5. Is the Power for the dimmers ON? 
  6. Is the MCBs Turned ON for the channel
  7. On the Lighting Board- can you go to Super User mode and set the DMX patch to Default mode (DMX address 1 to Dimmer channel 1)
  8. Is the Cable connecting from the Lighting Board to the dimmers tested?
  9. If there is a DMX Splitter in the system?,
  10. Is there power to the DMX splitter?
  11. Is the Connections to the Splitter correct, DMX IN and DMX outs?
  12. Can you test the Splitter or bypass the Splitter for the test.
  13. Is the DMX cable wire damaged or has the wire been disconnected from the soldering points ( please check both ends, literally by opening the connectors, also at the DMX splitter)
  14. Please change the connection to another dimmer or Lighting Fixture , it could be that the existing dimmer or lighting fixture's DMX PCB is faulty.
  15. If there are a few dimmers in the system, the dmx wires are wired in a daisy chain method. There could be a problem with one of the dimmers's DMX circuit. Try unplugging the dmx wiring and bypassing each dimmer to isolate the faulty dimmer.
  16. Is there a 120ohm Termination resistor at the end of the DMX circuit