S6. Turning the Dimmer ON and OFF

  1. Turn ON the Lighting Console first
  2. Ensure all faders are 0% , Master Fader is 0%, Preset A fader 0%, Preset B fader 0% (note: Fader will be in the opposite direction to A)
  3. Lighting Console in "Wide Mode"
  4. Turn ON dimmer Rack
  5. Ensure all MCBs on Dimmers are ON position
  6. Check DMX signal Light is Full Green and Not Blinking
  7. Wait for 15 minutes ( We are warming up lights)
  8. After 15 minutes set Master Fader at 30%, Preset A fader 100%, Preset Fader B 100% (note: Fader will be in the opposite direction to A)
  9. Bring Channel Fader 1 up slowly and the rest of the channel faders up slowly.
  10. Increase the Master Fader 100% after 5 minutes
Shutting down
  1. Bring down Master Fader to 0%,
  2. Bring down Preset A fader 0%,
  3. Bring down Preset B fader 0%
  4. Turn Off Dimmer Rack
  5. Turn Off Lighting Console
Dimmer Setting
  1. DMX Address as addressed
  2. If DMX fails, Dimmer is on HOLD at last state
  3. No Memories Programmed
  4. No Sequnece Programmed
  5. Preheat State is ON at 5% on all Channels
  6. Dimmer Law is on Linear Law
  7. Dimmer settings is in Locked setting