SA Dimmer

S8. If the Chilli Dimmer Fails is there a way to turn on the Lighting Fixtures

      1. For New Chilli Bypass Dimmers , press the buttons on the lower area of the Dimmer cabinet to bypass the dimmer triacs and give Direct 230V AC power to the Channel, Limited by 10A or 16A breakers. 
      2. (Older Dimmers)Yes, For the dimmer fail option it is possible to set the dimmer to fail to all channel ON or all channels OFF if the control processor is detected as no longer running.
      3. (Older Dimmers)This is set using switch number 2 on the small blue three way switch inside the dimmer.
      4. (Older Dimmers)With the switch in left or off position the dimmer will switch the outputs ON (default setting from factory)
      5. (Older Dimmers)With the switch in right or on position the dimmer will switch the outputs OFF.